After taking part in many large-scale projects, by 2008 we have decided to use our experience and energy for our work on our behalf. Our company is established in St. Petersburg and simultaneously in Baku.

Our first contract included all finishing works in Mega Shopping Mall in Omsk which was constructed by Yenigun Construction Inc. , on behalf of one of the greatest employers, IKEA. In addition to this project, we have started MMF Timber Factory project in St. Petersburg on behalf of Kasa Construction in St.Petersburg. In the meantime we also had Maliy Peterburg, a housing project going on. Then, a housing project in Iran, VVIP Office project in Baku and lots of projects have been delivered successfully and with high quality.

Since 2008, ÇÇEK Construction has successfully completed around 50 projects. With this understanding, we say that we aim to keep a well-balanced and diversified activities.

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